Our Technology and the Silver Connection


Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals. In fact, silver defines conductivity – all other metals are compared against it.

A textile surface with good absorption properties of electromagnetic waves requires the use of a highly conductive metal like gold, silver or copper with a high density weaving. Such textile surfaces are relatively expensive which in the past limited their use in large scale. By combining silver with stainless steel, a high conductivity element with a low conductivity element and applying them as a coating over polyamide ( polyester) microfibres SilverShield® technology was born.

The SilverShield® Difference /  How we do it    

SilverShield® products use the same tested and proven methods employed by both building biologists and medical diagnostic imaging technicians which limit exposure to radiation produced by man made frequencies.

Harmful frequencies discharged by all cell phones
                                 Harmful frequencies discharged by all cell phones

Building biologists in Europe in consultation with architects use several methods such as high conductivity metals or paints which are capable of providing effective shielding against electro magnetic radiation. When constructing new homes these materials are placed in or on  walls, floors and roof structures and provide highly effective results especially for people that are electrically sensitive. In many countries in Europe this is part of their standard building code.

If you’ve ever had an x-ray you will also be familiar with the lead apron which is placed over your body to shield you from the harmful x-rays produced by imaging. While x-rays are considered ionizing radiation because of the higher frequency they operate at and wireless radiation is considered non ionizing radiation as it operates at lower frequencies we know that ongoing exposure from either of these types of radiation poses serious health consequences.

The SilverShield® technology in all our products works exactly the same way!

Every SilverShield® product we sell utilizes  two different metallic fibres which when woven together create a textile material which is excellent at absorbing electromagnetic frequencies which produce non ionizing radiation. Silver and stainless steel are used because of their excellent ability to act as a conductor and absorber of energy when combined. Using industry standard telecom testing protocol carried out in accredited testing facilities SilverShield® technology has consistently maintained at least an 80% reduction rate of electromagnetic radiation.

Installing the SilverShield®  protective fabric in an iphone case
               Installing the SilverShield® protective fabric in an iphone case

SilverShield® uses patented technology

The technology used in every SilverShield® product we sell is covered by a worldwide patent registered in 2012.

We don’t change how a product was designed to work by the manufacturer

SilverShield® technology does not alter radiated signals produced by any technology by redirecting the radiation and does not affect the battery life of any mobile phone or restrict the phone’s signal in any way. Our detailed test reports from Emitech in France, an internationally accredited testing facility which utilizes the worldwide standard which the FCC uses for SAR  testing proves that. The SilverShield  phone case and pocket card allows your phone to operate exactly as the manufacturer intended it to with one exception…our embedded technology absorbs and dissipates the electromagnetic radiation produced by your phone.

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