Anti Radiation Phone Case from SilverShield®

The Premier Anti Radiation Phone Case available today!

Simple to Use/Highly Effective

The SilverShield Anti Radiation Phone Case is easy to use.  Just open the protective flap to access the touch screen, Close the flap when taking a call. The patented SilverShield® technology embedded in the protective flap absorbs electromagnetic radiation and does not affect the performance of the phone in any way.

anti radiation phone case Optimal sound quality

SilverShield® engineers designed the earpiece/ microphone openings in the protective flap in such a way as to deliver optimum sound quality. Because of the effort made to ensure perfect sound quality and the uniqueness in design  we were able to obtain a worldwide patent on the design of the SilverShield® case!     Click here to view patent!

The SilverShield® anti radiation phone case does not alter the phone signal. Nor does it cause the phone to increase signal strength (emit increased radiation) and has been extensively tested. *You can also safely carry your smartphone in your pocket with a SilverShield Anti Radiation Phone Case without the risk of exposing yourself to increased radiation as caused by other products on the market when used incorrectly.

anti radiation phone case

* When we say safely we mean without increasing the radiation exposure level. Some products because of their technology draw the radiation out the backside of the phone. If the phone is placed in a pocket with the backside against the body then the exposure level is full force.

It is never a good idea to carry your phone on your hip with a belt clip or in a pocket even with a protective case on it. SilverShield® Anti Radiation Phone Cases will not increase your exposure if placed in the pocket improperly.

If placed in the pocket with the protective flap against your body  you will achieve the same result as when speaking on a call with the protective flap closed and the phone against your head.


anti radiation phone case

Patented SilverShield® technology Extensively Tested! SilverShield®  Anti Radiation Phone Cases are tested by the accredited and certified EMITECH  Laboratory of France, one of the leading testing facilities in the world.    

SilverShield® technology adapting to the Market & Constantly Evolving

Choose from custom made cases for the most popular brands. Or, choose from two sizes of SilverShield® Anti Radiation Phone Cases that fit the majority of all smart phones.

SilverShield® Anti Radiation Phone Cases protect your phone from wear and tear too!

Currently SilverShield® custom phone cases are available for the following phones: - Apple: iPhone 4/4S and IPhone 5/5S  Samsung: Galaxy S3 and S4.

Now available SilverShield® Anti Radiation Phone Cases for the majority of all other smartphones. Choose from two sizes depending on your model of smartphone!

Please refer to the sizing guide here:

Smartphones with a rear speaker are not available in a generic case at this time with a few exceptions so check the list! The “L” denotes large and the “S” denotes small when choosing the generic case from the Paypal drop down menu below. Limited quantities available now. Posted shipping rates on this website apply to mainland North American orders only. For international orders please contact us for shipping rates.

 We are currently out of inventory of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in black. We are awaiting a shipment of S4′s and the new S5′s both in black.

Model :

We will continue to supply customs cases for Apple and Samsung Galaxy S models.

The technology used in every SilverShield® Anti Radiation Phone Case is covered by a worldwide patent registered in 2012. SilverShield® Anti Radiation Phone Cases absorb a  minimum of 80% of the emr as consistently shown in our accredited international testing done at Emitech in France conforming to ISO 17025. Our testing facility is FCC complaint.  Preliminary additional testing has shown us that as newer phones enter the marketplace emitting more radiation, SilverShield® technology performs even better! New test results will be available soon!

SilverShield Facts

•No other anti radiation phone product even comes close to achieving the reduction in radiation that SilverShield® does.

•No false claims or overblown test results that can’t be verified!

•Don’t be fooled by homemade Youtube videos that claim to show radiation reduction.

•Legitimate companies used certified testing facilities and spend thousands of dollars to report, verify and certify their testing results.

•Rather than posting unfounded test  results we have verifiable testing that reinforces our claims!  SilverShield Test report

•Don’t be fooled by products claiming near 100% reduction. This is impossible to achieve.

•Use a patented SilverShield® case and learn to use your phone safely!